Tips for first timers

tips for first time escort clients
Very useful tips for first time clients. If you have never before used an escort service. Then read our handy guide. Designed to help you get the best from your escort agencies. Explaining all things from the venue, to how to select an escort that is right for you. Discover the best tips on using escort serivces in your town.

Tips for using an escort service for the first time.

In this post, we would like to tell you how to prepare for a visit from a girl from an escort agency. We all know that everything is easy once you know how to do it. The same goes for when using escorts from an escort agency.

First things first. You have to find the escort that you fancy. If you do not fancy the girl then what will come after you have met will not be as pleasurable as you would like it to be. Do this by browsing through the site. Take your time. There is no rush to make a rash decision. If you end up rushing you will possibly make the wrong choice. Allow yourself to start the fun from the very first second. Let the anticipation build to a crescendo of mental stimulation. With the knowledge that the final outcome will be a release of libidinal energy.

Ok. So, assuming that you have already looked through the gallery section. The next step you have to take is actually lifting the phone and dialling the number. For first time users, this can be exciting and daunting at the same time. However, there is no need to feel overwhelmed. Escort agencies are used to dealing with nervous clients all the time. They will be able to guide you through the process.

Something that a lot of men who contact us do not think about is their body hair. Yes guys, facial hair is not appreciated by a lot of women! If you are expecting to use your mouth at any part during the appointment, we recommend that you have a close shave beforehand. Your escort will appreciate it. in turn, she will show you her appreciation.

Whilst in the bathroom, why not jump into the shower? Smelling good is always a turn on for anybody. Plus, good hygiene gets a person a lot more. One thing is for sure, your escort from an escort agency will always turn up looking and smelling clean.

tips for first time escort clients

Your house or a hotel?

Now, if you have decided to meet her at your own house or a hotel. You need to welcome her like you would any guest. Be friendly towards her. Offer to take her coat and ask if she wishes to have a drink. At the end of the day. You have invited her into your domain. Somewhere where you feel comfortable. You know where everything is. She has no idea. She has stepped into a stranger’s house. It is always unnerving for a woman to enter an unknown man’s house. Irrelevant of what she is there for. So, try to make her feel welcomed and comfortable in her surroundings. If you are in a hotel, you are the one who probably booked it. Therefore, you presumably would have already accustomed yourself with the surroundings before she arrives.

The appointment will normally start with a bit of conversation, usually just general things. The idea is to help you both relax in each other’s company. If you are not much of a conversationalist. Or even of an introverted nature. You might find this to be extremely intimidating. Do not worry. Escort agencies only employ approachable and communicative girls. So, your escort will more than likely start the conversation. She will break the ice by talking about familiar topics. After a few minutes, she will guide the conversation to find out exactly what it is that you wish to get from the appointment. She needs to know that you are both on the same page.

The next part is the business transaction side of the service. This is the bit that is best getting out of the way. So as to be able to enjoy the fun part. You would have booked her for a specific amount of time. Some agency escorts charge by the services provided. Others charge by the hour. At this point in the meeting you will know how much you have to pay. If you are not happy with paying up front. Unfortunately, your escort will leave.

Once the uncomfortable business of payment is out of the way. The fun can begin. At this point I will stop giving tips. Everybody knows how to enjoy their private and intimate moments. Without having a third person interfere.

With a bit of luck. This post will have been somewhat helpful for those who have never booked through an escort agency before.