Things you need to know about Independent escorts

Independent escorts advice

Independent escorts advice

So, you have decided that you would like to indulge in spending time with an escort. The only problem is that you do not know what is the best option…escort agency escort or an independent escort. The easiest way to make up your mind is to be informed.

Once upon a time, the only way to get a bit of paid for adult fun was the crawl the streets. Or look in phone boxes for little stickers with a written message of ‘want a good time, call XYZ on (insert telephone number)’ At one point. The only fun offered was a purely physical one. Nowadays, finding an escort is easier than ever. Also, the list of things that you can do seems never ending. It is a far cry from a quickie in the back of the car. Independent escorts now provide services that are along the lines of companionship as well as the traditional physical ones.

Now, we all have different needs and wants. Each person has the choice to decide where they want to go for when they need to have some no strings fun. Some people might think that booking an independent escort is the right thing to do. When they decide to choose an independent girl, they will have different reasons for doing so. The most obvious reason is that they tend to charge a lot less than agency escorts do. The main reason for this is that they work from home. They do not have the overheads that an agency has. Also, an independent escort does not have staff working for her. Maintaining her schedule or doing her publicity. She will take care of it herself. Plus, independent escorts do not usually employ drivers.

Independent escorts do not have any restrictions placed on them. They can book in clients as and when they like. They control their own working hours. This is good for a lot of clients who wish to have a girl who is more flexible to their agenda.

Another positive thing about an independent escort, is that you will know if you click before spending your hard earned money. Usually, the escort will arrange a quick meeting between herself and her client before any dates happen. It is normally an informal meeting to give you both an idea as to how comfortable you feel in each others company. If there is no chemistry, then you have lost nothing.

Now, there negatives about using an independent escort. With the woman working independently, you may find that contacting her is not easy. If she is otherwise engaged, she will undoubtedly have her phone turned off. Thus, making contact a bit hit and miss. Another issue that you might not like when booking an independent escort is that most of them give preference to their regular customers. This means that if you are meeting her for the first time or only meet her sporadically. Then you might find that she cancels or moves your appointment when one of her other clients request a last minute appointment.