The definitive guide for first-timers

Advice for first time escort user


Trying to find a reputable escort can be a minefield. Once you have had your first date. Things get easier. However, you could still find yourself in some sticky situations (no pun intended). For a first-timer, it might seem like a sensory overload when entering the world of independent escorts. But for sure you will learn fast. Some escort girls are more easy to get along with than others. Its our experience that halifx escorts at a reptuable escort agency such as: are very good for first timers.

The first thing anybody does in this digital day and age is do a quick google search. In the search bar, type the obvious: independent escorts in… (type area). You will probably be awarded with around 500,000 hits for the two seconds it took to type the search. Easy part over and done with. Next, comes the tedious task of scrolling through the thousands of search results to find the one for you. Bear in mind, that you will only see the directory links for independent escorts. A few agency escorts might slip through the filter, but it is doubtful.

At the top of the search hits will be the large directories. These are normally nationwide. Lower down, you will find the smaller escort directories. Also, the local ones too. The local ones are always good to remember. Unfortunately, there is no other option now than to scroll through, clicking as you go!

ALERT!: Not everything you see on the internet is true! Yes, this even applies to escorts! There are so many independent escorts out there who market themselves as something completely different.

How can you tell if the escort is fake?

  • · Flawless photos is one way. If the photo looks too perfect. Soft lense focus or photoshop is apparent. 9 times out of 10. The girl in real life is nothing like the girl on the screen; she might even not be the same girl when you meet up!
  • · If you see the same escort advertised for many parts of the country. Odds are that it is scam. How can an escort offer incall appointments in multiple cities?
  • · Check out the references on the site for the girl that you like the look of. If she is fake, her previous victims will undoubtedly have left a negative review on her page.

Even though there are fake profiles on the internet. The majority are going to be real. This is where the local directories are probably better. They tend to advertise local girls.

Ok. You have finally found the girl who has positive reviews. Her bio says that she does what you are looking for. Also, (most importantly) you find yourself attracted to her. The next thing to do is get in contact with her. Some of the escorts have an email. Others are by phone. My advice…always make initial contact with the ones who take phone calls. Before you ring her up be be certain of your time and day. There is nothing that will increase your nerves than flustering because you forgot when you are free. Also, have a back-up time/day incase she is not free when you plan on meeting her. Oh yeah, one more thing! There is no need to get into a long, drawn out conversation with her. Find out the information you require. Be polite, chatty, friendly, but do not overdo it. She is not your long-lost friend who needs to know every detail of your life. Also, if you wish to explore some new kind of experiences. Now is the time to tell her! She might need to prepare for the appointment in advance.

How to prepare for the date!

If you have opted for an incall appointment. Make sure you allow for plenty of travel time. If you are using public transport, check the timetables. If you are late for the appointment, she will deduct that time from the date, yet you will still have to pay for the full time allotment. Make sure you are clean. Have a shower and clean your teeth beforehand. After all, you would do so if it were a date with a potential girlfriend! Your escort expects the same standard of hygiene as any other woman would

do. If she is meeting you on an outcall call-out. Provide her with basic hygiene products. Refreshments too will not go amiss. Usually, the escorts carry their own condoms. So, that is one less thing for you to concern yourself with. It is advisable to not practice any sort of act without protection. This is for your own and her health. If an escort advertises that she provides sex without a condom. Listen to you internal warning bells! You should steer clear from her. However, any independent escort who is worth her ilk. Will not offer unprotected sex.

A lot of men, women too, tend to find themselves enjoying a fulfilling experience with an expert escort. Some only do it as a one-off. Others do it regularly and become escort hobbyists. Whatever experience you are looking for. You will whole-heartedly enjoy it if you take heed to this advice!