How to become an escort.

Do you want to become an escort. Here is some very helpful advice. On how you can become an escort. There are many ways to become an escort. But if you want to do it safely. As well as profitable then you need to do it right! There are two main ways to become an escort. I will speak about each of them below.

Before we proceed to that. One question i get asked a lot. Is what is the minimum legal age to work as an escort. The answer is 18 years of age or above! Most agencies and respectable escort advertising websites. Will ask you to prove your age if they in any way suspect your look under 18. So its best, no matter how desperate you are. To not apply online to work as an escort, until you are over the required age of eighteen please. Any one that will give you an escort job under this, is an idiot and you should avoid them at all costs. As it will end in a lot of trouble!

Join an escort agency.

This is most certainly the easiest way to get escort work. If you go to a reptuable escort agency. They will not ask you for any money to be paid upfront. Sometimes you will be expected to have your own photographs. But most times these can just be some selfies. They will last long enough to get your working. Once you have money the agency usually has an photographer they will send you to. This will then give you the proper set of photographs you need to make money long term. The rules are the same all over the world. Be it the UK, USA or Poland!

Advantages of working for an escort agency:

  • No upront fees.
  • No advertising costs.
  • No professional photos needed.
  • Support from the agency in general.
  • Working for an established agency. Means they already have regular clients. So you will get work from the first moment. Just do not work for a small time escort agency!
  • Your safety is constantly watched and ensured.
  • You have other people around you to learn from and talk with about escorting in general.
  • Earnings can be very high still.
  • Its like having a proper job and working for someone.
  • A decent escort agency, Like Adorn for example. Has a very well developed infrastructure. So this means you do not need to drive yourself. Or find someone to do it. You also get the benefit of being able to offer your incalls. Without the massive investment needed to secure a city centre apartment.
  • Fast, very often, same day or immediate starts can be obtained with an escort agency.
  • A top escort agency will have a very large marketing budget. Something that girls working as an independent escort. Just can not compete with!
  • No need to deal with time wasters of talk to the clients on your own phone.
  • Agency takes all the calls, so can keep your diary full. Less on your mind, so you can focus on giving a good service. No stress!
  • Because you are never in a vulnerable positon. With staff from the agency always looking out for you. Agencies do not really attract people that are looking to do bad things to people!
  • personal details never passed to clients. Totally private.
  • Highly discreet!

Things to watch out for:

  • Do not ever work for an escort agency. That from the very onset slags off their rivals! This is very unprofessional! Most times they only do it as they are struggling and want to put you off joing the best escort agency in your city. So please remember this!
  • You will be expected to work shifts. Every agency varies on their requirements. Normally the busier ones have more stringent requirements. Because they are not desperate to find girls that want to become an escort.
  • You will loose a percentage of every job. In the form of commission. To the escort agency. But this is not all as bad as it seems. Because once again you are only paying as your earn. No overheads for you whatsoever. So if you have a bad month working with the escort agency. You still come out all in profit.
  • Do not work for escort agencies, that want to ‘test you’ before you start. This is associated only to the most un-professional of al escort agencies. Believe me there are a lot of them!
  • The agencies will have rules. You need to respect these at all times. Things like passing your number to clients, will quickly be uncovered and you will be sacked. Most top agencies have clients that book their girl to report these very things back to them! So expect to be tested!

Ok so now on to the option of how to become an escort.

Working as an independent escort.

This is basically where you become self employed. Working as an escort in your local area. It takes brains, money and a lot of patience to become an independent escort and really be good at it.

There are some advantages. But honestly I do not personally advise you do this! Its not safe! Where as working for an agency really is the opposite!

Advantages of being an independent escort.

  • You keep all the money from the client.
  • You get to talk with your clients. Maybe discuss what they want in advance. So you can get a feel for your customers first.
  • You can work the hours you want to work. Take time off as needed.

Now on to the disadvantages.

  • Its not possible to be entertaining one client. Plus taking calls from other perspective clients. Very often loosing all short notice appointments. As the internet is littered with independent escorts that are no longer working. But have left profiles up on websites. If a client tries you a few times and gets no answer. He is likely to assume you are no longer working and not try to call you again.
  • You will have to place many adverts in order to substain long term high earnings. There are many free directories. Most only allow you a listing if you have you own professional website. So you will need to spend more money on the website and maintaining it. You will have a big overhead to make proper money long term. The first couple months you may think oh this is great and make some money. But after that you will struggle to compete without spending a lot of money to invest in yourself and your business!
  • You are not safe! Its a fact that the only escorts in the uk to be murdered in the past 10 years where working as an independent escort! This is because people think that you are on your own, with no one watching you. Which in most cases is correct. So you are more likely to attract the nutters! To see this. Just search ‘escorts murdered’ or ‘escort killed’ in to your local version of google. You will be very upset by what you read.
  • Sometimes clients get feelings for you. Becoming a little too much. When working with an escort agency, they will step in and stop the client. When you are independent its easy to slip up, accept a lift home from a client or something like this. Before you know it, you are being stalked and really do not know what to do!
  • When you are in the company of friends and family. You can not answer your phone. So you are making no bookings for yourself. What a disater! When you work for an escort agency. They are taking reservations for you 24 hours a day.
  • You can not just decide at 8pm tonight your going work. Turn on your phone and expect bookings. It really doesnt work like that at all! At an agency you can just turn up and get work. As an independent escort you will need to be constantly available. If not your clients will just call someone else.
  • Its much harder to build regular clients as an independent escort for sure.
  • You can not enjoy your days off properly. Because like any self employed business. You are never off! With an escort agency, you can for sure take days off. Spend your money, go shopping and really enjoy it!


Personally I think working as an independent escort is crazy. There is too much risk! Please do not be blinded by the fact you keep all the money. Its really not that simple or small minded. You are taking a risk that is more than money is worth! You can not expect to make money for free. So do not think about the money you give to an escort agency. As anything more than what they deserve. Its highly likely you really do not understand how an escort agency works under the hood. Or the costs they carry each week/month/year. So its far from money for nothing your giving them, trust me on that! I know because I have worked as both an independent and agency escort. I had many bad experiences as an independet. Trust me an agency is 100% better in so many ways.

The best solution and certainly the safest. Is to work for a reputable escort agency and enjoy the easy life style. Do not get greedy. Greed is a deadly sin and this you should remember! If you would like any advice about how to become an escort. Please contact me. I will be more than happy to help you and point you in the right direction.

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