Advantages of using independent escorts

independent escorts

Here you will learn the main advantages of using an independent escort. As opposed to using an escort agency.

There are many reasons why a person should contact an independent escort. There are many advantages. Firstly, something that just happens as a matter of course is safe sex. Condoms are slipped on as part of normal foreplay. This helps clients to know that they are at no risk of any kind of diseases or infections.

Another aspect to point out is that these women are actually business women. They may well work in the sex trade, however, they are all self-employed. Meaning that they understand the pressures and stresses that a lot clients are under. It also means that they need to assure their income. They must consistently perform at a high standard to keep hold of their customers. By knowing that they must do so, signifies that you will receive an exceptionally high standard service each and every time that you arrange to meet.

One common myth is that a lot of people think that using an independent escort means that they charge a lot more then escort agency escorts do. That is not always so. Granted, there is not as much control, however, in general, independent escorts normally charge less than agency escorts do. This is because there are no commission fees taken out for the agency.

A further advantage is that your independent escort can be contacted directly. You will not need to go through a receptionist to find out her availabilities. You can go direct to the organ grinder. This itself has many other advantages. If you decide to book her for the full girlfriend experience. You can message her anytime of the day or night if you are regularly booking her. By doing this you can help to build up a more personal relationship between the two you. Consequently, each meeting will become more and more personal. Yet still without the ties of a relationship. Also, she will be able to give you an almost immediate reply as to whether she is free at the time or on the day that you want. First timers of the escort may be feeling nervous about connecting with somebody that they have never met. At least, when contacting the escort directly you will be able to hear her voice. This will help you to feel as though she is not a complete stranger. It helps to alleviate some of the nerves of first timers. Besides, if you do not like the sound of her voice when you first make contact, you can just decide there and then not to book her. This saves the client a lot of money and the escort also avoids wasting her time.

When booking through an agency, the appointments are very tightly scheduled. When you are lost in the moment and at the heights of sexual eroticism. The last thing on your mind will be my hour is nearly up. If I ask her to extend the time, it will all stop so she can contact the agency and ask for permission. When this situation arises with an independent escort, she can give you an immediate answer. Therefore, there are fewer time restrictions with an independent escort.

Something else that is an advantage that not a lot of people realise. Is that independent girls tend to be more experienced. The majority of the girls at an agency are fairly new to the industry. They tend to be young and naive. They are not 100% sure of the way around a person’s erogenous zones. Once a girl has gained experience at an agency they usually move on and become independent. Ok, these girls are not as young as the agency ones usually are, but at the end of the day, when you are paying for a service you expect to receive something that is better than the norm. Not a lot of people who are paying for sex in reality want to be with an inexperienced 18 year old, (even though it might be a fantasy). In the real world, we all want the same thing. To be entertained by a beautiful woman who knows exactly how to entertain.

The final advantage is that the girls working as independent escorts tend to offer more specialised services and be better equipped when performing them. For example, maybe you love to partake in the darker sexual games like BDSM. The majority of the escorts at an agency will say they offer this service, but they usually mean wrists tied together with a bit of spanking involved. An independent escort who offers the same service will normally have a chamber type setup. She will have learned more to this consenting fun game. Your experience doing this will be far more satisfying.